XK 120

Design your own XK 120 and get a quote by choosing Exterior, Interior and Additional Options to your taste.
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Exterior & Interior

Exterior Colour


Interior Colour


Additional Options

Wheel Finished

Hubcap Finished

Carpet Set

Please add $46


Racing Decals

Racing number decal 1 pc

Large, 30cm diameter, for front
Please add $26

Racing number decal 2 pcs

Small, 15cm diameter, for side
Please add $22

Your company logo decal 1 pc

Maximum 3 colours
Please add $30

Racing Team Decals 2 pcs

Please add $8

Racing Sponsors Decals 2 pcs

Please add $8

Other Options

Indoor car cover

Please add $120

Outdoor car cover

Please add $29

Leather interior upgrade

Please add $290

Spare wheel

Please add $95

Safety seat belt

Please add $50

Speed restrictor

Please add $45

License number plates

Please add $30


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