Jaguar E-Type XKE Series 1 1/2 US version Bumpers

Brand new stainless steel bumpers for Jaguar E-Type XKE Series 1 1/2 (1966-1968). Kit consists of 2 front bumpers, 2 front grab-in pieces, 2 front over riders, front AMCO bars, 2 rear bumpers, 2 rear over riders, rear AMCO bars, and bolts. Please note: our bumpers bolted from the out side. 

These are the Same bumpers as E 1 1/2, but with the added Us style front and rear bars.

New product, more photos coming soon.

Very important!

We need details of your car when ordering. For some reason Jaguar produced different types of mounting. Some bumpers are fixed internally, others fixed externally. To make things even more complicated, some cars have front internal fix, rear external fix and vice versa! Nobody seems to know why Jaguar did this, its not a development, or age related difference. Go figure!

Please email our sales team who can determine from questions or photographs the correct type for your car.

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