About our Interiors

We have carefully created a restyling kit to make the interior more stylish, more comfortable and easier to keep clean. Our interiors are of the highest quality, accurate patterns have been created to ensure an excellent fit. All our covers are foam backed and fabric lined to give a smooth even surface, even if your original seat foams show signs of wear.

The inspiration for our designs comes from the great classic cars of yesteryear. For example the stately traction avant and the chic clean cool of the ID and DS range. It amazes us how Citroen, once famed for their cutting edge and aesthetically superior designs, could produce such drab and uninteresting covers for the wonderful 2CV. Our interiors are in keeping with the style and ethos of all cars. The results are bright and fun interiors.

We create interiors for:

  • Citroen 2CV
  • Volkswagen Beetle
  • BMW Isetta

Fitting our interior is fairly straight forward. Any semi competent enthusiast should be able to comfortably refit their Harrington Interior in about 3 hours.

Download the color interior examples (PDF)

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