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Electric cars for the future

We at Harrington Group have no aspirations to be the David to topple the Giant Automotive Goliaths. It would be an impossible feat. The Big Guys have to change their technology for the health of this planet. It will happen, although it will not happen overnight. Public pressure on governments and a change in consumer desires is our best bet.

Education on alternative fuels and a desire to go green is a personal journey. Tens of thousands of individuals are taking this journey right now. The internet is our saviour in terms of grouping these enlightened people together. I urge you to take an interest and take part. Spread the word - Green cars are the future!

There are more than 50 manufacturers in the process of developing green cars. A healthy pool of Small guys, visionaries, engineers, environmentalists, eccentrics, educated people who want to make a difference for the future.

I do not believe that any one of these companies is purely profit motivated, else they would be in another line of business-These companies need public support. I take my hat off to all of them-. Companies such as Tesla, Aptera, Think, Venturi, Reva, Elettrica, Tzero, Tango, Phoenix to name but a few. For me, they are an absolute inspiration. I would love to own any of their cars!

These visionary companies are laying the foundations for the future. Warriors in the Green Revolution!

Our plan at Harrington Group is to join forces with these other companies to showcase and produce individual vehicles to let the world know what can be achieved and just how good electric and hybrid vehicles can be. Other electric car manufacturers are producing or developing cars that are super fast, or ultra modern or very practical or indeed completely conventional in terms of appearance and function compared to a regular petrol engined car.

Our little niche market is none of the above rather our car is retro, cute, minimalist, urban and most of all bags of fun. It will be a perfect commuter car, shopping car, fun car and everyday car. My Wife and I are using the orange prototype everyday as our main mode of transport. In fact, she enjoys driving it so much- half the time I look for it- its not there!

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