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Harrington BB Prototype

It may look familiar- however this microcar is 100% brand new. It has a steel body, a steel tubular chassis, and is a 4 wheel drive electric car. It uses the latest hub motors, (one motor in each wheel). 

It is our first fully working prototype- and has proven very reliable. We have clocked up around 800 miles in the last month- and have never suffered a break down. It is a real blast to drive in such a head turning car- with no noise, no emissions, no heat, no gears to change and with responsive steering and brakes.


The prototype has: 

  • Independent suspension (double wishbone front, Swing arm rear)
  • Rack and pinion steering and twin pot calipers with hydraulic disk brakes all round.
  • It is currently using lead acid batteries- which will soon be replaced with Lithium ion cells.
  • It is a single speed car with a simple lever for forward and reverse.
  • Currently it achieves 29.82 mph or 48kph and covers a range of 59 miles or 96kmh on a charge.
  • A full recharge from empty takes 8 hours.

We are in the early stages of development. We are working closely with a motor manufacturer and a very well known Western EV (electric vehicle) design team on this project.

Over the next 12 months will be developing an electric 3 wheeler, an electric 4 wheeler and a hybrid 3 wheeler.

We aim to increase both speed and range substantially. We will also be making many modifications to all areas of the car- with the Goal to be offering both kits and fully completed hand built cars for sale by early next year.

This page is just a taster of things to come; we have purposely avoided giving too much information regarding motor/ speed controller/ charger/ battery management types or indeed wattage, voltage and kWh figures. Our lips are sealed- Don’t ask!!!!

We have been producing fully working vehicles (both electric and petrol) for a few years…. please follow this link for details. http://www.groupharrington.com/junior_files/ A few years ago Nathan Redfearn, the CEO of Harrington Group and isettashop.com also designed and produced kit cars in the UK.

Please understand, we are a very busy company, developing and growing rapidly- but still moderately small.

As such we are unable at this point to answer enquiries regarding this new project.


To see the prototype in action, watch the video's on YouTube

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