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We have been restoring vintage lambrettas and vespas here for the last 10 years.

Personally I have been restoring vehicles my whole working life, it’s a labor of love for me. When we started the business, unrestored scooters were plentiful and affordable, and over the years we have restored and exported around 1200 vintage scooters. These days, it’s a different story as scooters are getting much rarer and thus more expensive. So we have slowly been winding down the business and concentrating on our other businesses instead.  

We have always made sure that our restorations are top end and to concours standard, all scooters have been restored properly and to western standards ensuring that they are reliable, safe and a pleasure to use and most importantly they will last in their fully restored state for many years.

 We sold predominantly to traders, who would buy in bulk and sell on for a profit- a lot of our trade customers were actually doubling their money when reselling them from showrooms mainly in Europe but also many other countries around the globe. We are offering scooters here for our usual bulk  or trade price!

With our vespas, as a rule we fit brand new 150cc LML vespa engines/ gearboxes. These are the same type of engines as fitted to the PX model vespa- which in itself as the modernised version of the orignal engine. No body modifications are required ot retro fit the new engines! they fitin eaxactly the same way as the originals.

the benefits of the new engine are huge. These engines are 5 port reedvalve 2 strokes, with electronic ignotion AND electric start. this means twice the power, smooth running and idle, brighter lights, louder horn and improved economy. All the classic looks but ready for every day reliable use.

 As a rule all scooters have new carburetor, brakes, suspension, wheels, tyres, cables, speedo, lights, headset (handlebars), panels, ignition switch, kick starter, stand, badges, panel catches, engine mountings, rubbers and trim, etc, etc.

The frame and bodywork are taken back to bare metal, acid etch primed, 2k primed, wet sanded and DuPont (or ICI) painted to the highest standard. When done correctly like this, as long as the scooters are stored correctly and looked after the paint will remain in good condition for 25+ years.


  • Options. We offer many different options and accessories, please ask for details.
  • We offer a 3 months comprehensive guarantee/warranty on every single part of the scooter. 
  • Shipping. is quick and easy. For example Southampton UK 18 days. Los Angeles 24 days. We can ship to Most Sea Ports worldwide. Shipping costs are around the $200 mark dependent or destination.
  • Registering in your home country. We have lots of experience with this, its a very simple process. Please ask for details. 
  • Special order? We have 6 un-restored scooters, which we can restore to your specification. please ask.


Please see attached photos with prices of the available scooters. 

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