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Shipping location: We ship all our products worldwide except for the following countries: Iran, Cuba, Sudan, Burma, North Korea, Syria.


Crating: Our cars are wrapped in soft blanket and crated individually in metal bracing wooden crates.

Shipping time

For stock cars, we need 2 weeks to get the cars ready for shipping plus 4 weeks for shipment in transit. 

For custom cars, we need 6 weeks for production and 4 weeks for shipment in transit.




Packaging: Bumpers are wrapped in bubble wrap, soft plastic cloth and backed with foam in carton box with double wall plywood for better protection.

Shipping time:Shipping with DHL air freight is only 3-4 days directly to your door.

For bulk orders (20+ sets), we also offer sea shipping which is only a fraction of the price compared to air freight, enabling us to offer you at lower prices. If you are interested in sea shipping prices, please let us know!


In the meantime please feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions related to shipping matters.  

Car Parts   : info@groupharrington.com

Junior Cars: juniorcars@groupharrington.comm

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