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Harrington Group was established in 2003. It was started by Dieu Ly Phan and Nathan Redfearn.


Ly spent her early life as a professional violinist, studying for 17 years in Hanoi Conservatory, awarded for merit, annual academic and musical fellowships. She has been an entrepreneur and a marketing and sales manager in various major corporate companies. 

As an entrepreneur CEO, she founded two companies: VietLink Enterprise (import and distribute household chemical products), and Phu Nam Co., Ltd. (production of artist frames, easels and furniture export to Europe). As a marketing and sales manager, she has worked in major corporate entities such as Cathay Pacific and Sky View. Having lived and worked in New York and Hong Kong for a number of years, she offers our customers the benefit of more than 23 years experience in international business management, customer handling, sourcing, production and logistics.

Nathan Redfearn has been involved in the classic car world from a very early age. His father raced cars in the UK for many years and collected various classic vehicles.

Nathan was given his first car at the age of 10. By the age of 16 he had amassed a collection of 6 old cars. He used to torment his poor parents by firstly driving around a field behind the house in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. As his confidence grew, he found himself regularly getting into trouble by driving around the country roads with his school mates, whilst parents were at work. At the age of 17, Nathan set up and ran Castle Motors, a small garage in Haverfordwest repairing and selling interesting and classic cars. The passion stayed and he got more involved with restoration and buying and selling classic cars. For a couple of years he specialized in importing used Porsche 911 from Germany (911 Heaven ltd) he later lived in California and specialized in sourcing classic Porsche and Mercedes for export all over the world.

The business is based in Vietnam for many reasons, the weather, the booming economy, the safe friendly environment and the chance to build an unique business.


The origins of the stainless steel bumper business came from years of experience restoring cars with rusty or bent bumpers. And replacement parts were either so expensive to buy or simply unavailable new. Also the experience of re-chroming original bumpers requires so much effort these days. Many people are unaware that the reason you never see Citroen DS with rusty bumpers or Rolls Royces with rusty grilles is because these parts are factory produced in Stainless Steel! But most classic cars original bumpers are made of mill steal which makes the idea of bumper reproduction in stainless steel such a great alternative.

Since 2003, we have made a huge investment in presses, tooling and equipments to produce brand new stainless steel bumpers, which can be offered with a life time anti corrosion warranty- as they simply will not rust. They are likely to be the last remaining part of the cars they are fitted to in centuries to come.

Likewise with Harrington interiors, our experience gained from restoring cars over many years and the staggering costs involved. The plan was simply to change the market place, offering a superior kit, precision made and in an unlimited choice of colours.

The junior cars become a reality for a couple of reasons. In 2003, we were visiting Ayrton, Nathan’s young nephew, we surprised him with an expensive luxury ride on classic car toys. However we were appalled by the low quality of the Chinese made toys and the challenge was set, to produce the best kids’ cars in the world.

Another reason for the toy cars was due to Nathans previous venture in the UK of designing and developing a kit car. In the late 1990s that business was quite a success story, and was subsequently sold as a going concern. It was decided to build from scratch these half sized cars, as a way to train a team of staff how to produce vehicles with the big plan of producing electric and hybrid kit cars in the future.

Since 2003, the business has grown to a fairly large concern. Harrington Group now produces more than 340 different types of classic car bumper, along with many other parts in many different materials.

Harrington Group work closely with owners clubs and classic car specialists and are constantly expanding their range.

To date, Harrington Group has built 3 electric car prototypes, and 1 electric scooter prototype.

Harrington is currently restoring 6 classic cars, and has built up quite a large collection, awaiting restoration.


Harrington Group plans to continue increasing the range of products for the classic car world. There are also plans being formed to enroll more distributors around the world.

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